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Innovation In Action

Chip and Pin Card

"Smart" commercial card features embedded microprocessor to meet travel needs where chip-cards are required

Citi has launched its first Commercial Corporate Chip and PIN card for use by cardholders traveling abroad. This "smart" card has an embedded microprocessor making it ideal for use when traveling to regions where merchants are more familiar with chip cards, as well as for use at un-manned kiosks where an agent is not always available to run the transaction through a Point of Sale (POS) device.

This versatile card solution, now available in the U.S., meets the needs of cardholders that travel extensively. As a leading provider of Commercial Cards, Citi has long provided commercial chip card technology throughout Europe, Asia and parts of Latin America. Citi provides clients with the consistent business experience, customer service, functionality and reporting that only a common unified technology platform can offer.

Key benefits of the Citi Corporate Chip and PIN card include:

  • Enhanced Security - The cards are yet another tool in Citi's arsenal to combat potential fraud. By working together with chip-enabled POS terminals, they ensure a highly secure transaction by validating both the card and cardholder.
  • Improved Convenience - The cards can more readily be used in regions where EMV technology is dominant.